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Valentine's Day

As Valentine’s Day rolls around each year, my thoughts turn to romance. Since I’m a romance novelist, of course romance is on my mind a lot. But during the Valentine season, my thoughts are on “real” romance, the kind I share with my husband.

I get an early start looking for the perfect Valentine card, one that will express the feelings that I can’t. Something profound, something catchy or poetic. Something that will tell my husband how I feel.

In this Valentine’s Day post, I want to give tribute to my husband, who brings so much joy to our marriage. He’s a dependable provider, my protector, and my best friend. We laugh together, we share our thoughts, and he helps me in so many ways while I’m at my writing nook, creating my next novel. He spoils me in ways that I can’t count and helps lift the burden of humdrum daily life by taking on himself unpleasant chores. (Tonight, he even cleaned out the cat litter box for me.) He gives me the freedom to become the best that I can be.

And romance? We make time for dates and each other. Together we work to keep romance in our marriage, so I can better create heroes who love romantically. Romance is one of the sparks that keeps love in marriage.

So, this I dedicate this Valentine’s Day to Warren, my own special hero.


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