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Meet Colleen

For almost as long as I can remember, I’ve loved to write. My mother tells me that I wrote my first story in third grade. During middle school, I wrote a mystery story in daily installments that my friends read on the bus on the way home from school. I wrote as a hobby all through high school, and after we married my husband bought me a typewriter so I could compose novels while the children were down for naps. As the children grew older and I went to work, my writing time got squeezed out with the demands of family, work, and horses. I put my writing aside and decided getting published wasn’t in God’s plan for me during that season of life.


When I had surgery about six years ago and was out of work for several weeks, the Lord reawakened my desire for writing and getting published. Since I had time on my hands and couldn’t do much, I pulled out a manuscript that I’d written when the children were young. I reworked it, prayed over it, and Googled “Christian publishers that take new writers.” Anaiah Press was one of the publishers that came up, and it matched my type of manuscript. So I submitted my novel according to their guidelines, and my manuscript was accepted. “Her Traitor’s Heart” was born. In God’s perfect timing, my lifelong dream of being a real author was fulfilled. Now I’m balancing the demands of work, family, and writing with a lot of late nights and sacrificing other things that I’d like to do. My horses take a back seat to my writing, but to me, it’s worth it to create fictional worlds and characters whose life lessons, I hope, will encourage my readers.


Author Colleen Hall

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