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Professional Review

Warrior’s Heart by Colleen Hall has many positive aspects. Although it is Book 3 of The Frontier Hearts Saga, I did not feel I was missing anything from the previous books. The character development is fantastic, and I came to know each character personally, where I sensed their emotions of love and grief. I could understand Della’s hesitation in giving Shane’s clothes and other belongings to Wild Wind and her feeling that she was closing the door on her dead husband. I enjoyed reading and learning about the different customs of the Cheyenne Indians and the residents of 1876 Colorado and Boston. The plot flowed smoothly, although there was very little suspense in the book. There was just enough suspense and mystery as to what would happen next to keep me turning the pages and enjoying the book.

There was nothing I disliked about this book. The book is well written.

This professionally edited book deserves nothing less than 4 out of 4 stars. I can think of no reason to give this enjoyable book fewer stars because I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.”

Customer Reviews

“I just finished reading your book tonight and thoroughly enjoyed it. I had a hard time putting it down and parts moved me to tears. Thank you for writing such a beautiful story about grief, healing, and restoration.” 

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading Warriors Heart. I’m a sucker for a good love story and this definitely is one. Colleen Hall knows how to research a time in history and set her story in the midst of it. I recommend this book to anyone who loves romance.” 

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Professional Review

Wounded Heart, by Colleen Hall, is a historical fiction romance set in the 1870s. Fans of inspirational fiction in the vein of Janette Oke’s Women of the West series are sure to enjoy the strength of Della’s character as she faces the challenges of adjusting to life on the frontier.
I’d have to say I rather enjoyed Della’s character. She was charming and beautiful but very determined and willing to try new things. . . I loved that she still had her damsel in distress moments that allowed her beaux to show their chivalrous sides. I also loved the realistically different personalities that the men exhibited. . . I was proud of Della for speaking her mind and being herself despite her status as a well-brought-up woman of society.
It was Della’s fighting spirit that had me cheering for her happy ending through the whole book. I loved watching her combat the elusive and stubborn beau of her choice: no matter how many times he pushed her away, she kept believing there was a future for them. . . Through a whirlwind rising action, Della gains even more perspective before reaching the satisfying conclusion to her story. . .”

Customer Reviews

“This book would make a good movie. . .”

“I read Her Traitor’s Heart and loved it, but I like Wounded Heart even better than the first one.” 

". . .I want to tell you how much I liked your book, Wounded Heart. I liked it very much, it was a good story with lots of twists and turns. . ."


“It kept my interest. Loved hearing about the wagon train out west and the accompanying danger and blooming love story.”

“I have read many Christian Romance Novels over the years from westerns to regency, Scottish highland stories to modern age, and I must say, this story by Colleen Hall is truly one of the BEST! Throughout the book, the heroine grows in her strength of character as she opens her heart and takes risks, and she carries you right along with her. Her faith causes you to desire a deeper knowledge of God, and the story itself is so thrilling and beautifully romantic! You never know what’s coming next. I couldn’t put it down!

Another thing I would like to point out from this novel is Mrs. Hall’s attention to detail. While fictional, her story remains historically accurate and true to the time period. I really appreciated that. It gave me a clear picture in my imagination of everything happening in the story, and for a few hours, I was transported back to a different century.
To you Mrs. Hall, thank you. I can’t wait to read more!”

Her Traitor's Heart.png

Professional Review

“It’s obvious that Colleen Hall did very in-depth research while she was writing. Her writing style was so fluid and captivating that I felt like I was watching a movie in my mind’s eye rather than reading a book. . . All of the characters were charming and likable, even when they were full of human faults. The pace of the novel was smooth, and the plot didn't include any unnecessary scenes.”

Customer Reviews

“Placed in the Reconstruction period immediately following the Civil War... this debut novel has a unique perspective by choosing a Southern Belle heroine and a Federal Army General as the hero... The bitterness of loss and grief is confronted by compassion and kindness that... overcomes the soul-searing agony of loss.”

“I enjoyed this book for its well-developed characters and the effortless flow of narrative... This is a work of Christian fiction with a message of forgiveness woven into a story of courage, loyalty and love.”


“I very much enjoyed reading this historical romance novel. The characters are believable, the writing is good, and the story is engaging.”


“This was an interesting book. I cannot recall reading another book that looked at both sides after the Civil War. It was definitely a difficult rebuilding of the South. I appreciated the author’s well-written story.”

“My wife loved this book and is anxiously awaiting the time to read the next book. If you like historical fiction (and romance) you will love this book.”

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