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This Summer

Now that June is here, I feel that summer has begun, even though it’s not officially

summer yet. And when I think of summer, my mind drifts back to pleasant memories of summers past. Swimming in the lake with friends near my New Hampshire home, cook-outs, long trail rides on my horses, and lazy sunny afternoons spent with a book beneath the silver poplar tree on my grandparents’ lawn. Memories of summer are different for each of us, but I think all of us can relate to the fact that summer days are special, and life moves at a slower pace than usual. We look forward to vacations, extra time spent with family and doing something special.

This summer, since I’ve been furloughed from my job, I have more free time than usual.

One of my goals is to catch up on my reading. Writers must be readers, so now I have the perfect

excuse to sit on the porch and spend lazy afternoons immersed in adventures created by my

favorite authors. Through fiction, we can travel to places we’ll never go, experience adventures

that we’ll never have in real life and meet characters that we can love. All those books that I’ve

got stacked in my desk waiting to be read, I can now read. And hopefully I’ll get inspiration for

my own writing.

I hope that this summer all of you will have opportunity to take time to slow down and

enjoy the wonders of a good book.


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