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Summer Time

Once again, it’s the first week of June. Summer stretches before me with enticing opportunities. Warm, sunny weather beckons. Trees in full foliage and profusions of flowers bursting with color and beauty add their allure. Birds calling during the cool morning hours tempt me to linger on the deck.

What shall I do this summer? I should finish the home improvement project that I started over the winter. I need to take down the rest of the wallpaper in the kitchen. Then my husband can mud and sand the walls so I can paint. After that the new floor needs to go down. And then there’s the antique chair that I’ve been planning to refinish. Summer is a good time for that. Reading—I have stacks of book waiting to be read. Summer is the best time to read, whether at the beach or just on the back deck at home. And my horse needs to be ridden. Long summer evenings are a good time for that, as well.

And more importantly, that next manuscript needs to be started. Book number 5, the last book in my Frontier Hearts Saga, is simmering in my head, waiting to burst forth onto the written page. Conflicts and romance are just waiting to take shape.

I have so much to do, but I want to savor each moment of summer. . .

I hope you enjoy your summer and make the most of each day.


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